Responding Back

Responding back

As well as seeking the views, experiences and aspirations of parents / carers, staff and the children, also don’t forget to respond back to them. You may want to communicate how their ideas and views have influenced, changed or reviewed services (where possible) in the setting to support a healthier lifestyle and improved the quality of the service provided. Record ways in which you listened and responded and the impact the changes had, in a file which can be shared, particularly during Ofsted inspections.

For example;

Feedback StatementA female member of staff returned to work 6 months after having her baby, and wanted to continue breast feeding her. We kitted out a small room in our setting that she could use privately, and gave her all the support she needed. We decided to offer this room out to support other mums who wished to continue breastfeeding or expressing when they put their child in our nursery. This works really well for one mum who pops in whilst she is working from home’.                                      


Staff / Family member signature..........



Feedback StatementThe children were really excited about the Olympics, so we all sat down together and thought of some of the ways we could celebrate and get involved. We had made some torches and held a mini torch relay race, baked some fruity oat medals, and invited parents and grandparents into the setting to join in with the events. It was such fun, and we are going to do it again to celebrate other national events’.   


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