Developing a Policy for Active Play

Active Play Policy: Promoting physical activity


In recognising the importance of Active Play as a method to improve physical health and well being, this policy sets out our commitments and approaches to ensure it is embedded within our service.

Our commitment

We want to support and enable the children in our care to live an active healthy lifestyle.

Providing physical activity through Active Play, is fundamental to our service.



Physical Activity can include any energetic ‘Active Play’. NHS physical activity guidelines recommend:

  • Toddlers and under 5’s -180mins / 3hrs. This can be spread throughout the day.
  • Babies - Encouraged from birth, particularly through floor-based playand water-based activities in safe environments.
  • All should minimise the amount of sedentary time (being restrained or sitting) for extended periods, (except sleeping)


Our Aim

To raise physical activity levels of the whole nursery, including staff, families and children.


  • Provide a conducive environment to enable physical ‘Active Play’.
  • Offer all children diverse opportunities to be physically active through active play.
  • Respond and act upon Government guidelines and policies
  • Promote positive attitudes towards participation in active play as physical activity amongst children and their families.
  • Increase children’s knowledge and understanding of the importance physical activity on their health and wellbeing.



Through effective preparation, planning and assessing, we will provide regular opportunities for both structured and spontaneous ‘Active Play’ throughouteach day.

We will:

  • Encourage walking at every opportunity (eg walks to the local park)
  • Encourage children out of the buggy to walk and progressively increase distance
  • Enable children to explore the outdoor natural environment
  • Include active games for indoor and outdoor play
  • Encourage dancing to music asmuch as possible
  • Provide action songs and nursery rhymes for all ages
  • Provide safe and stimulating areas for children to self lead physical Active Play
  • Encourage all staff and parents to participate in activity
  • Promote a ‘Lead by Example’ ethos amongst staff by living an active healthy lifestyle.
  • Provide suitable clothing to enable childrento explore the outdoors in all weathers
  • Provide ‘active’ toys such as balls, bats, scooters, bikes,etc
  • Encourage (where possible) staff, parents/carers and their children to walk or cycle to our setting.
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