Oral Health

This module is designed to help you to understand good practice relating to oral health behaviours and hygiene for children under 5 years of age.

It shares information and ideas on reducing the risks of tooth decay through diet and tooth brushing and the impact of dummies. It also suggests some oral health related learning activities to get your teeth into!

At the end of the module, download your evidence sheet to demonstrate your learning and tick it off on your Nurturing Health Certificate.

Features and Resources for this Module

Tooth Decay

Remind yourself of the causes and risk factors of tooth decay.

How to prevent tooth decay

Consider what is in food, from natural to artificial sweeteners.

Foods and Drinks to avoid or limit in a childcare setting.

Raise your awareness and test your knowledge.

Tooth Brushing

See if you know your stuff when it comes to fluoride and amounts of toothpaste!

Dummies and Oral Health activities

Top tips on dummies and keeping them clean to engaging children and families in oral care and hygiene.

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