Food For All

This module will provide you with advice and guidance on ways to support and include children who attend your setting who have special dietary requirements due to food allergies, cultural background or medical conditions and personal choice.

It provides information and quick tasks on understanding different vegetarian diets, the practice of dietary laws within particular faiths, and how to be inclusive.

At the end of the module, download your evidence sheet to demonstrate your learning and tick it off on your Nurturing Health Certificate.

Features and Resources for this Module

Vegetarian Diets

Do you know the difference between a Lacto Vegetarian, an Ovo Vegetarian and Vegan diet? This section will help you understand the difference.

Food, Faith and Customs.

This highlights what you need to consider should your children practice a particular religion, or choose to follow certain dietary requirements within their faith.

Food Allergies and Intolerances

Having an allergy or intolerance to a particular food can have serious consequences. How do you manage this within your setting? This section offers ideas and raises awareness of common allergies and food labelling.

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