Involving Families

Involving Families

Actively involving families in the day-to-day life of the childcare setting creates strong bonds and increases the level of trust between the parents and the staff. Working in partnership with parents can be of major value and importance to a setting, in enabling it to provide a happy, caring and stable environment for children and their parents.

Forming a good relationship with families is important so that information regarding their child (be it developmental, social or health related) can be exchanged easily and comfortably.

Many parents/carers may be interested in healthy lifestyles, so try engaging with them in innovative and creative ways by running workshops, sharing leaflets, surveys or providing information in newsletters to share good practice to implement at home. Share tips from national websites, such as Change4life or information about local events such as farmers markets and activity days.

A good way is to set up a dedicated space which targets the parent / carer / visitor. This is not just showing what the children have achieved, but engages the adult on a subject matter, such as healthy ideas for tea, free physical activity ideas in your area alongside the benefits of physical activity. Maybe have a photo gallery where families submit what healthy activities they have been up to outside nursery.

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