Influencing Behaviours at Home

Influencing behaviours at home

When engaging with families, it is useful to know if the good practice you are carrying out in the setting is influencing what happens in the home. You may want find out with parents and carers:

  • What eating, teeth cleaning habits, and the types of activities are followed at home. You could do this creatively, with having healthy lifestyle display, with the title 'Being Healthy at Home!'
  • Gain a sense, through natural conversations, what they enjoy doing as a family and what their capabilities are.
  • Offer the opportunity to discuss and offer advice where improvements could be made.
  • Establish which children are registered with a dentist and where local dentists can be located if they aren’t.
  • Alert them if they live in non-fluoridated water areas, and need to use the correct strength of fluoride toothpaste.
  • Provide ‘take-home bags’ which include a variety of small equipment, everyday objects and cards with activity ideas, can be a useful way of encouraging parents to stimulate active learning with their child at home.
  • You may also want to look at ways you can provide a secure parking area for buggies, bikes, scooters etc so families can actively   travel to and from the setting and store equipment.
  • Share menus and recipes with parents to help them to plan and provide healthy balanced and varied meals and snacks at home.
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