Helps your Business

Nurturing Health can help your business in many ways.

  • If childcare providers also adopt the healthy lifestyle imparted on our children, it’s proven that they typically have fewer sick days and cope better with the stresses of the job.

  • Children who eat well, play well and are physically active typically have greater self-esteem, show improved concentration and behave better, again positively impacting on staff.

  • Managers who enable and support staff with opportunities to personally and professionally develop skills, shows through investment that they are valued, and in exchange, assists service improvements.

  • Members have had their commitment to Nurturing Health recognised within Ofsted inspection reports, enabling greater parent, carer, and staff satisfaction with their service.

  • A certificate displayed for all to see, alongside the evidence sheets which validate it, communicates you take the responsibility of enabling the children in your care to live a healthier lifestyle seriously.

  • In providing hints and tips, these can be shared with parents and carers to assist the promotion of healthy lifestyles beyond the childcare provision, demonstrating added value in your service provision.

  • Use your achievement as a promotional opportunity to attract press and publicity, and apply the logo to your website. Celebrate and share it!
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