Gathering Views

Gathering views

It is important to gather the views of parents and carers, staff and children to successfully embed 'healthier lifestyles' within your setting. Their experiences, understanding and expectations may inform ways to improve and develop your service.

Consultation ideas include:

  • Asking families for ideas about how they engage their children in certain health topics.
  • Set up a family forum. This could be online, face to face, or in a written format.
  • As with schools try organising parent / carer governor meetings, and encourage parents/carers to liaise with elected parent / carer champions / representatives who attend the meetings about matters that they wish to raise etc.
  • Consult, act and share. This can be done easily as a display or through newsletters. E.g:

You Said: Children need more healthy food choices and menus

We Did: Introduced two new menu cycles. Menus now change each seasons. Invited families to submit healthy recipe ideas.

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