Developing a Food and Drink Policy

Food and Drink Policy.

It goes without saying that you should already have a food and drink policy, which is acted upon by staff and parent /carer. As a minimum it should contain statements and how you intend to achieve the following: 

  1. Restrictions on bringing in chocolate, confectionary and foods containing confectionary into the childcare setting including birthday cakes containing sweets
  2. Bringing in non-food related items to celebrate birthdays / individual special occasions e.g. stickers, books, as alternatives to sweets and cakes etc
  3. Restrictions on bringing in potato snacks / salty snacks / fried snacks into the setting for the children
  4. How the childcare setting supports and promotes breastfeeding
  5. How the childcare setting ensures food and drinks (including infant milks) brought from home are appropriately labelled, stored and transported
  6. How to sensitively engage and advise parents /carers in the provision of healthier foods and drinks and snacks.
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