Involving Families in Oral Health

Involving Families in Oral Health 

Many parents/carers may be interested in oral health, so try engaging with them in innovative and creative ways. Running workshops, or providing information in newsletters or leaflets share good oral health and oral hygiene practice to implement at home.

With families you may want to:

  • Establish which children are registered with a dentist and where local dentists can be located
  • What teeth cleaning habits are followed at home and discussing where improvements can be made
  • Alert them if they live in non-fluoridated water areas, and need to use the correct strength of fluoride toothpaste


Running workshops

If you decide to run a workshop for families, here are some top tips.

  • Guest speakers – see if a local dentist will come and speak to parents about caring for their children’s teeth
  • Demonstrate – show parents how to brush their children’s correctly, showing them the correct type and strength of toothpaste to use, the right size of toothbrush  
  • Food and drinks – Talk about the risks of foods and drinks which are high in sugar and suggest alternative foods to try. Provide samples of healthy snack foods
  • Share ideas – show parents the different ways the children learn about oral health by showing examples of their artwork or songs they sing.
  • Ask families for ideas about how they engage their children in the topic.    
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