Involving Families in Food and Nutrition

Involving Families in Food and Nutrition

Displays: Using any spaces where parents or carers wait and congregate are ideal display areas. Why not use this space to test their understanding on healthy lifestyles and offer ideas on how to make positive choices.

  • Set up a table displaying of foods or imagery of what is meant by a healthy balanced diet and actual portion sizes for early years. Try a display ofeat less of’ and ‘eat more of.
  • Develop a quiz display. For example, cover the nutrition and ingredients lists on a series of packet foods, and they have to put them in order of sugar content, or fat or salt etc. Have the answers under a reveal.
  • Set out paper plates with drawings, which the children have coloured in, showing different healthy meals.
  • Set up a challenge or campaign like ‘Eat a Rainbow’! Can your child eat their way through a natural food rainbow? EG go from a tomato as red, through to a plum! You can create a sheet with pictures to tick off at home, and whether they liked it…..or not!
  • Show parents the different ways the children learn about healthy eating and or oral health by showing examples of their artwork or songs they sing.

Activities: Arrange or promote sessions that allow parents and carers to come together informally to discuss and experience food and nutrition for themselves.

  • Guest speakers and demonstrations - See if a local dentist will come and speak to parents about caring for their children’s teeth. They could eat some sweets and do a plaque test.
  • Parent / Carer Led Activities – Engage them to create and come up with activity ideas on the theme of Food and Nutrition for the children to enjoy.
  • Local Initiatives – Keep your eyes out for programmes and schemes running locally that you could get involved with and invite in, or you could share with your parent / carers. i.e free cooking lessons, food and nutrition workshops or healthy lifestyle events.



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