Developing Policies

Developing Policies

Developing healthy lifestyle related policy or statements, can also be a good method of providing information to parents/carers about the approach and practices that your setting takes. It is also a good way of ensuring that the children you care for are receiving consistent messages. It is good practice to involve families and staff throughout the development process of writing a policy. Ask for their views, share the final draft with them and keep them updated about any reviews that take place. When writing or a reviewing a policy, you should consider including some or all of the following:

  • How will the policy be communicated to parents/carers/staff?
  • How will parents be involved?
  • What types of food and drink/activities will be provided?
  • How will best practice be encouraged?
  • What will parents be able to bring from home?
  • How will special events be celebrated?
  • How will staff be trained and updated?


Click on the links for examples of policies you can use as guides when writing or reviewing your own.

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